OWS 6.10  – Swimmers shall be allowed to use grease or other such substances providing these are not, in the opinion of the Referee, ‘excessive.’  Right.  The mind boggles at how the referee judges this.  Bet ocean swimming is one sport not short of volunteers to be referees.  Swimming NSW goes on to speculate where and how lubricant might be applied, hotspots for chafing and the dangers of togs that are too tight ending with the eminently practical advice: ‘It is recommended that you use latex gloves when applying lubricant as you can dispose of these and not have greasy hands. This especially applies to swimmers who apply their own lubricant as it is very hard to remove greasy fingerprints from goggles should you accidentally touch them.’  So, Swimming NSW knows people who don’t apply their own lubricant!?

As for types of lube, according to Swimmng NSW, the most popular forms of lubricant are Vaseline® (petroleum jelly) and wool fat (pure lanolin).  But there is a mind boggling or bodyslopping array of product – there’s bodyglide (calls itself WD40 for the aquatic athlete and boasts that it prevents saddle sores – eh?  Used around the world by people just like you [apparently], positively balmy), trislide (easy and quick entry and exit from swim suits – might help you pick up at the beach perhaps), suitjuice or aladdin magic lube (oh sorry that one’s for your o-rings – don’t ask!).  Even cooking oil has apparently been used (apply before sunbathing then re-enter water looking out for sharks).

© December 2011

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