Naughty or nice?

13 Dec

Have you been naughty or nice? That question wasn’t initially front of mind as I swam across Cabbage Tree Bay recently.

Deflated after the cancellation of Billy last Sunday morning, GHB announced that she was busting for a dip. A quick round up of Can Tooers and Big Blue squaddies later and half a dozen of us headed to South Steyne.

Gill and John swam across to Fairy Bower and Gill remarked on the gentlemen that had been so audacious as to swim right inbetween them not realising until John set him straight that it was a man in a grey suit. I think it was a real one (Cabbage Tree Bay being a whaler nursery after all) but it could have been this one….


Yes, yes, perhaps slightly less alarming than the killer that was lurking just a couple of headlands further up the Northern Beaches the day before, Cabbage Tree Bay was chock-a-block full of inflatable sharks, whales, dolphins, dragons, fairy castles (for the fairies from the Bower perhaps), pool

Which Killer is more alarming?  This one isn't actually even in fancy dress.

Which Killer is more alarming? This one isn’t actually even in fancy dress.

buses and ponies, lilos and tropical islands (but no blow up dolls not like in this scenario which I have posted before or the one that I weirdly saw floating forlornly in Walsh Bay on my way back from a meeting recently).

We had swum into the middle of the 10th annual Manly Inflatable Boat Race.

It was mayhem.  My favourites were the flowerpot men.


As I tried to navigate my way through the inflatable cacophony, Santa Claus detoured wildly from the course and started paddling after me hysterically asking if I had been naughty or nice.  Pirates guffawed, princesses pouted and elves grinned.

DSC_0713  DSC_0699

Acts of piracy are encouraged and the punters venture into the high seas (they weren’t) to raise money for Tour de Cure.

Like this one - fits the $50 budget

Like this one – fits the $50 budget

It was hilarious and rather than begging for a Can Too mutt to debut in the Scotland Island Dog Race next year, I think we should enter some sort of inflatable orange.

Santa had provoked some personal reflection and I left elephant man and his friends to the sausage sizzle at the Steyne and went home to ponder if I had been naughty or nice and just DSC_0725like Jenny Landreth has recently contemplated what would be on my Christmas list if the latter.

Like Jenny, I love the P-Bear cap but can’t really justify it when we are so lucky as to swim in the semi-tropics. bear-home2

My swim cap of choice would be a vintage petal number as I have recently developed an interest in synchronised swimming having been inspired by the AquaPorko trailer.

Maybe then some sort of experiential gift would be on my list to Father Christmas.  I even spoke to Sydney Emeralds earlier this year about whether they could teach Can Too (they certainly could) a routine of sculling, egg beating and high kicking (to be continued perhaps!!).

That lead me to all sorts of weird and wonderful underwater sports like Octopushy which weirdly Gill tells me he once played in the UK!

But it gets weirder …..(underwater pumpkin carving – really?)


I think I will just settle for a movie.  No, not a blue one – nice, not naughty, remember!  Buck has recommended this – it looks awesome and I’ve asked Santa to mail it to me.

Yes, seems like silly season has definitely arrived.  Here’s hoping Santa thinks I’ve been well behaved enough.

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