Cake or Death?

14 Apr

Cake or death?  This philosophical question once posed by the great Eddie Izzard was front of mind this morning. Yes, since my barney at the Barney Mullins, I had braved the ocean at the Bondi Bluewater Challenge and swam for Saxon at Queenscliff. Maybe my mojo was back? But looking at those shore dumpers at 9am, I couldn’t be sure.

Sticking with the food analogies, the proof was in the pudding (no ice cream in it though, this was Coogee after all). As it turned out, I had my cake and I ate it. Almost gobbled it up in fact. I loved the clear water and almost felt lulled by the back wash off the island. The weather, the pageant of the tribute to the Anzac lifesavers, the end of term feeling among the ocean tribe.

One of the Coogee surf boats lays a reef out at sea in memory of fallen lifesavers

One of the Coogee surf boats lays a reef out at sea in memory of fallen lifesavers

Coogee Island Challenge took the biscuit for me.  And also for Gill who had an awesome swim – 48 mins he said.  There were no sea lice, hardly any argy bargy in my (as usual sedate) bit of the peloton, the buoys were huge and I managed to give the old shore break the slip.

For those that don’t know (thank you Wikipedia) Wedding Cake Island, (also known as Lemo’s Island and formerly Gingerbread Island), is thought to have been given its popular name because, when the white water breaks over the island, it gives the appearance of ‘icing’.  A second theory is that bird droppings on the island gave the appearance of icing on a cake.   It’s also famous as the name (and inspiration for) a surf guitar instrumental by Midnight Oil.  Check it out here.

Most of the way round, I had swell and bubbles in my head rather than Midnight Oil.  I was busy looking at the fish and rocks and dreaming about what I might catch sight of beneath.  You see, my British triathlete friend that I dragged round the Bluewater 2 weeks ago, sent me some pitchers this week of surf made from lego (bit of a lego theme going on in here today – lego has some very interesting applications to open water  – more importantly, if you haven’t heard Eddie Izzard’s cake or death – you must click here and enrich your life).  Anyway, I started googling lego surf and found the most extraordinary set of pitchers from an ocean photographer Jason Isley.  It’s like the Borrowers gone to Atlantis.  You must look – they’re extraordinary!

Talking of things that make me excited (apart from Gill on patrol in pantyhose – Gill wanted a mention on me blob).  I found out this week that Pixar are making Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo.  I’m so excited, I am more animated than the characters.  But sadly, I am going to have to wait until November 2015 until it’s released.

Oh well, plenty of time to think about the plot.  Apparently, it’s something to do with Dory looking for her family which is strange because blue tang (Dory, is a Blue Tang or Palette Surgeonfish and not, as it happens, a Dory – some irony there) are very territorial and will not tolerate other tangs. They are generally peaceful with all kinds of other fish though since they are herbivores.  So, Pixar was probably true to life when she said to Bruce, Anchor and Chum ‘Hi I’m Dory and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a fish’.

I’ve heard rumours about a love interest between Nemo and Dory.  Or maybe that’s just all the erotic fan fiction stuff that I’ve come across on the net about them.  Pixar’s hardly likely to get more erotic than “And then he touched the butt”.

Time to go as I think I am losing the plot a bit here.

Feeling elated not deflated as summer slips away

Huge buoys drying in the autumn sunshine – is it time to hang them up for the season?

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