The Red Sea

2 Dec

Pictures (or in ocean swimming, pitchers) tell a thousand words.  So, here are 4 that sum up this week for me.

Red SeaThe ocean turned into the Red Sea courtesy of noctiluca scintillans or sea sparkle.  The Metropolitan Sydney South Coast and Hunter Regional Algal Co-ordinating Committees (there is a Regional Algal Co-ordinating Committee – you are kidding me?) attributed the algal bloom to an ‘upwelling’ of nutrient rich deep ocean water.  Bondi and other Eastern Suburb beaches were closed which caused a bit of a stink, not least because apparently, the bloom also smelled ‘a bit fishy’.  Would be beachgoers and ocean swimmers weren’t the only ones agitated – at night, the agitated algal bloom gave off blue luminescence and Sydneysiders were treated to a fabulous light show.

It was like the whole world had gone a bit wacky.  When we came back from training one night, 3 men were drinking outside the Rag & Famish with a goat (??) on a piece of string.image002

Meanwhile, Great Whites invaded the northern beaches to chomp on a whale carcass at the aptly named Whale Beach.  The lady from the Bottlo who lives up at Whale said that there were 20 of ‘em counted at one point.  They rang the shark bell at Manly and closed the beaches.

LegUndeterred, we swallowed our worries about the men in grey suits and still trained on Sat’dee.  Yes, that’s me showing a bit of leg.


And today, Gill and Kim were crazy enough to do the Bondi to Bronte notwithstanding that 20 knot onshore winds made this fashionable pre-race attire.

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