Dope test

9 Jan

Surf training on Sat’dee was wonderful!  The water was so clear, we could see all the way to the bottom and lots of fishies (ssh, don’t mention the port jackson one).  Coach made us swim 2.7km which was great for my confidence and lack of training, not great for my niggling supraspinatus.  More on that another time, but I fear I might be headed for a cortizone injection.

Talking of injections, I credit my fear of a dope test as the reason why I didn’t swim the Captain Christie on Sundee.  You see, we were staying at mum’s house in Gerringong and Gill told me that he had put the toothpaste in his wash bag.  He didn’t mention that he had also put his uncanilly similar sized steroid cream (for his eczema) in his wash bag.  My teeth look great, but I feared I might fail a dope test (or should that be pass – who could find a bigger Dope?).

Or maybe my excuse was the rain, the reportedly 18 degree water temperature (Gill said that was generous) and the usual healthy dose of chop, swell and a bit of tricky (if small for Werri) surf.  But Gill did it.  As did Mr Can Too Campbell (his 3rd ever ocean swim).  It took them an hour in the icy chop but I was very proud of them both.

I love the Captain Christie (see earlier post for more on this fabulous ocean swim).  It’s small, it’s friendly, they give you grog (included) and a sausage ($2 – best snags in NSW).  You get to watch Miss Gerringong flat bed truck and bid on buckets of fish from the local fishos.  There’s a genuine sense of camaradie.  No punching in the peloton.  And the crowd are just in awe of anyone that makes it round the headland.

OK, so they allow people in with wetsuits, and/or with fins.  I even saw a snorkel and half expected to see folk with noodles or water wings or any other inflatables (let’s not get started on that again).  But don’t mistake this for an easy swim.  No.  These people are tough.  I only wish I had got a photo of the swimmers in their budgies in the back of a ute making their way to the start as we shivered in our gortex and huddled under brollies.  It couldn’t be a better training swim for the Big Swim.  It’s swell (really, swell) and makes those Sydney swims look like pre-pubescent paddling pools.  The real Australian swimmers are down the south coast.

One Response to “Dope test”

  1. London City Mum January 9, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    Well done you! I suffer from sense of humour failure the moment someone says ‘open water swim’, so am amazed at the tenacity to complete this event.

    LCM x

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