Poulet to peak

6 Jan

Fresh from thoughts of my swimming going to the dogs and, after Bilgola, surely with top dog underdog status, I rocked up to Newport Beach on public holiday Monday (as usual, full of anxiety) with thoughts of attempting the 2km pool to peak.  The sun shone and the break looked manageable.  The chop was challenging mind you.  But, great news!  Despite the effort of some uber competitive 50 year old ‘laydee’ who punched me in the face at the second can, I actually finished.

So maybe I can.  Perhaps?  After all, I’ve now gone from poulet to peak performer (well, in my head anyway, who cares if I was almost last in my age group!).

There were a lot of sea lice.  But it’s not just an itch but people getting hitched that I need to worry about now as a good friend has recently announced she is getting married the day before the Big Swim.  Perhaps we should just try this for the stag/hen party?

In the meantime, anonymous, thank you enormously for the sponsorship.

And thanks to Gill for his ongoing solidarity.  Poor Gill.  One of his work colleagues sent him an email saying that they had heard he was back in training for his ocean swim because he’d been spotted by someone at the beach (below).

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