Doggy paddle

28 Dec

There’s always a bit of a gap in the ocean swim calendar at Christmas.  So, I was surprised to hear some chat on the radio about a swim on Christmas Eve.  I couldn’t believe that the commentators were talking about a Scotland Ireland swim.  Sure enough, they meant Scotland Island.  To Church Point to be precise.  600 metres.  A manageable distance and no break!  A great way to recover from my Bilgola bottle out.  Now I know I need a bit more mongrel spirit to get over my fear of the surf but this time, I needed it literally.  It seems I lacked a vital accessory – a mutt.  Yes, it’s a doggy paddle.

Started by 2 ferry captains back in 1973, entry is one long neck beer and a can of dog food (hopefully not chum given the race is at twilight and Pittwater is reportedly full of sharks).

The winners (2; one big dog and one small one) take it all and get a chrome plated dog bowl to boot inscribed with ‘Outstanding Canine Aquatic Behaviour’.  Owners can either swim or accompany their hounds on self-propelled watercraft.

For the last 6 years, the swim’s been won by a black Labrador called Cooper.

Check out this awesome video featuring aspiring champion small dog Scruffy Knierim.

Gill and I are already plotting for Christmas Eve 2012.  We contemplated borrowing Casey the collie but she’s scared of water, Gill thought that Jack the beagle might do well but he was worried that the pair of them would stop for a cigarette so our favoured prospect for training currently is Daisy the labradoodle as she is showing a penchant for the pool.  Wonder if Can Too do canine togs?

One Response to “Doggy paddle”

  1. lizziecantoo November 13, 2013 at 5:40 am #

    Since I wrote this, I have heard of a couple of amazing swimming dogs – check out Boot and Guri A couple of incredible aquatic canines!

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