Dumped and dubious

15 Jan

I was particularly pleased with my Avalon swim (1.6km officially) as I had a massive meltdown at surf training the day before.  I got dumped by a freak wave, refused for a good 5 minutes to go back in to the water and spent at least half an hour in tears after training.

My anxiety has been further heightened by the closure of every Sydney beach last week (some for the first time in 18 years) due to dangerous surf conditions.  Oceanswims.com has been full of debate about the need for smaller waves, not too close together and so I was heartened, until I realised that they were talking about waves of competitors starting not the ones in the ocean.

I’ve started swimming in the office to avoid the surf.

No, actually, I was demonstrating something from Mr Smooth, a computer animated swimmer with an ideal freestyle stroke.  Although I could also have been doing my Aqua Marina impression or my physio exercises – it’s difficult to distinguish them.

My work colleagues are running a daily sweepstake on what time I will start talking about swimming every morning.

But apparently, instead of worrying about the surf at Avalon, I should have been concerned about something else.  There I was, cursing my fellow competitors for not being able to swim in a straight line  and trying to think generous thoughts about whoever the helicopter above my head (I did check whether I thought it might be me) was trying to rescue as I tried to swim to the last buoy.  I thought Kieran was pulling my leg afterwards when he told me about the ‘man in the grey suit’ and the real reason for the chopper.  On reflection, perhaps something else was pulling my leg…..


Surname 1st name From





Categ Pos

Gender Pos


Love David Botany








Crowhurst Liz Balmain







Out of 1041.  But only 961 finished according to results.  Yet again, I didn’t quite manage to catch David Love.

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