The Big Swim

20 Nov

Bloody Eleanor Roosevelt!  She once said ‘you must do the thing which you think you cannot do’.  And so it was that I found myself signed up for ‘The Big Swim’.

Apart from the obvious, I can think of a myriad of reasons why someone like me shouldn’t participate:

  • There should be a law against me running around in the eqivalent of my knickers in public;
  • it’s an obscenely long way and would take someone who swims about the same speed as me about an hour and a half (potential drowning incidents and panic attacks to one side, oh and time spent vomiting  – apparently a lot of participants have to stop for this but not for long or there’s hypothermia to think of);
  • Despite the patience of Annie, Cantoo coach from Newport, who taught me to ‘pencil’ when in mortal fear of a shore dumper, my fear of the surf is paralysing.

On the other hand:

  • Fat makes a person more buoyant (and keeps them warm – think tub of lard and channel swimmers – oh, I look the part already);
  • Most of you who know me, know that I like the mantra – do something every day that scares you;
  • I sometimes think of myself romantically as Aqua Marina even though when I swam the Cole Classic last year, I looked more like a member of the waratah front row and was knick-named sister sea-lion in Trailwalker

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